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April 23, 2013
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Dave walked slowly to his apartment building, he could take his sweet time its not like (name) was just gonna dissapear if he didnt haul ass to his apartment. (Name) was gonna help him with his homework maybe listen to some sick beats if he thought she was eady for some of his newest ones. 
He finally got to his door he pulled out his keys unlocking the door he opened the door to see dirk pressing (name) against the wall mashing there lips together as he traced his hands around her frame. "dirk~" "DIRK!" The two stopped their makeout session looking to the angered young strider. He was furious! Dirk knew dave liked you he talked to him about it all the time and he always said "Oh i'll help you get her." And here he finds him practically shoving his tongue down her throat " just gonna go..." (Name) gathered her things and rushed past dave slamming the door behind her in her rushed stupor. "Dirk what the fuck?" "(Name)'s pretty cute dave, you werent making your move fast enough." "So you decided to seduce her." "Hey she came on to me." "Fat chance." He smirked "Dave you seriously should have made your move faster shes so easy to manipulate! She'll do whatever i want all i gotta do is say i love her." 
Dave clenched his fists so he was just gonna use you as a little play thing "Dirk dont you know toys eventually break." "Thats why you enjoy them while  you can lil bro." Ok he just couldnt take this you were being lied to you needed to know he turned on his heel "Your a sick fucker you know that right." Dirk smirked flipping him off as he slammed the door shut once again.

She was rushing home, she felt tears prick her eyes, why had dave been so mad when he opened that door? (Name) didnt feel like that about dirk well...that much not as much as she felt about dave. (Name) loved dave but he just didnt seem to notice her then earlier this afternoon while sje was waiting for dave, dirk came onto her 
"Hey (name)." "Oh hey dirk." "(name)?" "Yeah?" He grabbed her chin "Did anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?" She blushed brightly "Well u-" "Because your stunning." "T-thank you?" He got closer (name) could feel the heat coming off his body he was so close. He pressed his lips against hers she was very surprised at first but soon melted into the kiss. She felt him feel her she pretended under her shut eyes that every movement every sound made by the male was dave. She moaned into the kiss dirk began trailing over her hips pulling up her shirt then dave came in
she felt terrible how could she ever do something so...terrible! If dirk actually liked her she was just giving him false affection wow she was a bigger bitch then vriska (impossible ) (Name) just kept walking not even knowing where she was going she felt the hot tears streaming down her cheeks she soon heard yelling "Move lady!" She gasped as a few skateboarders skid past her "Sorry!" They called to her She nodded as they sped off she realized she was near the park. She walked over to a bench sitting down putting her face in her hands would the striders hate her now? They were her best bros they couldnt hate her that would probably be like having no air for her she'd sufficate she'd die. 
She rubbed her temples slipping slim strands of her hair through her fingers. "(Name)." (Name) turned to see dave he looked angry well the strider version of angry "(Name) do you like dirk?" She felt a sharp pang hit her heart "Not like that...." "Then why were you making out with him?" She hangs her head, "Well...." "So you just decided to makeout with him is what your saying?" Your crying harder "No." He sits next to her now "Well then why?" "I was pretending it was you ok!?" (Name) got up and tried to speed off but dave grabbed her arm "Why pretend?" He shoved there lips together it was sloppy but wonderful (Name) sat in his lap But she pushed him away "Maybe we shouldnt do this in a park." "Your right." He grabbed her arm pulling her back to his apartment "(Name)?' "Yes dave?" "I love you i actually truely love you." She felt her heart lighten "I love you too dave." 
He unlocked the door, leading you inside "Go upstairs and wait for me." (Namae) nodded as she scurried up the stairs dirk winked at dave "Told you id help you get her." Dave was confused "What!?" ~
Yeah this is all i got tonight peep just a quick oneshot i daydreamed about a while ago so enjoy cx
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ShyShyKiyomi Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  New member
..........this is like what i day dream about during math class
SilverstripeGray Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Dirk.... fuck you... I will sober up gam and sick him on ur ass
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Oh Dirk, thou workest in mysterious ways.
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