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Damara x Reader oneshot ~ Favorite word

Damara walked through the now present memory of a forest, she heard a sound....sobbing? She smirked,she saw a small for supposedly human she adored pestering,scaring and harrassing humans a especially young girls like yourself.
She walked up to you,you were crying and blubbering incoherently "間違った人間をいただきました?" (Whats wrong human?")The girl looked up at Damara very confused all she heard from her mouth was clicking sounds and weird words. "私を見てはいけないことは、単純な質問をしている雌の私はよが好き." ("Dont look at me like that bitch i'm asking a simple question.")
The girl just continued to stare,she opened her mouth but only one word came out "(Name)." Damara was very confused, did you just tell her your name? "たわごと?" (The shit) She was very confused she kneeled down and spoke what she kinda hoped you would understand "THAT YOUR NAME? (NAME)?" You nodded "(Name)." "I KNOW YOU JUST SAID THAT. SAY SOMETHING ELSE." "(Name)?" "あなたアホ私はすでに自分の名前を他の何か知っていると言うと文字通りの性交は何が間違っている!" ("What the literal fuck is wrong with you dumbass say something else i already know your name!")
"(Name)!" You seemed quite scared as you now began shaking and sobbing again Damara wanted to strangle you so badly you only knew how to say your name.
A small plan formed in her head, her burgrundy lips curling in a mischievous smile "YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SAYING." (Name) stared blankly "(NAME)?" You nodded knowing thats what your called so she was right you knew no language how the hell did you survive long enough to be your age? Did you play the game? How did you? (Name) was very confusing.
"YOU." She pointed to you, you pointed to your chest and Damara nodded "YOU, COME WITH ME." The troll motioned to herself and offered you her hand ), you looked at it worriedly then hesitantly took it within yours you followed this grey girl with the horns.
"あなたはひどいにおいがし、とても汚れた私たちは、私はあなたの周りを取ることができる前に、クリーンアップを取得する必要があります。" ("You smell terrible and your so dirty we need to get you cleaned up before i can take you around.")

Damara asked you simple questions "私の名前をいただきました?"(Whats my name?) "ダマラ人." (Damara) "あなたの名前をいただきました?"  (Whats your name?") "(名前)。" (Name) "これは何?" (What is this?) Damara tugged on your (F/c) skirt "スカート." (Skirt) Damara smiled and pulled out a cigarette lighting it up and in-haling blissfully "まあ(名前)は、最終的に私は今、私たちは、誰もが少しを祝うことができ苦しめることができそう思うあなたの最初の言語が日本語マスターした!" (Well (Name) you've finally mastered Japanese your first language i think so now we can torment everyone lets celebrate a little!") Damara put her cigarette between your lips "吸い込む." (Inhale) You did as told, soon you began having a coughing fit, eh it was your first smoke it was expected. Damara giggled once you were done and began to take your second puff she had taught you to speak Japanese mostly so you could say dirty stuff with her and no one would one but him at least.
You were actually really nice which made Damara think you were even funnier when you would talk to people such as Aranea or Meulin and gave them a sweet smile as you told them they had great breasts you were hysterical.
A lot of people questioned why Damara bothered teaching you in the first place seeing as she was how she is, she would just shrug and straighten your shirt or fix your hair a little it was a habit she had grown to have.
Most considered you Damara's moirail she did as well but her feelings were a bit on the darker side not a full blown flush crush though so you were good for now.
You and Damara continued to sit and smoke just chatting about regular things while a certain winged boy watched from afar.

"(名前)!! ( 名前)!!!! (名前)!!!!!!!!!" (Name) (name) (name) Damara frantically yelled out your name searching for you, you had been missing for most of the month. You wandered away before but usually you came back within a day but you had been missing so long Damara was beginning to fear you might have accidentally wandered into another bubble "(名前)!!!!" "Damara!" Damara stopped in her wake, that voice that oh so familiar voice "Damz over here!" Were you speaking English? "(名前)??" She turned to see you sitting on a rock next to Rufioh, Damara was furious "なぜあなたはその愚かな妖精の少年にしている?!" (What are you doing with that stupid fairy boy!?) "Damz calm down a bit Rufioh was j-" "落ち着く?落ち着いて!あなたがしてきた月のほとんどを行って!そして、何のために!周りに、おそらくこの野郎姦淫とハングする!" (Calm down? Calm down! You've been gone most of the month and for what! To be with this fucker probably whoring around!") You huffed "Damz i can speak english." "私はクソうん気づい!" (Yeah i fucking noticed!) "Well sorta  still cant understand big words like pro-procr-procraaaa-pr-pro." "Procrastination?" "Yes thanks Rufioh, but see Damz all Rufi i doing is teaching me is English so people can understand me more often!" You smiled at her sweetly, did you just fucking call him Rufi? You gave him a fucking nickname "我々は我々が望むものは何でも言うと離れてそれを得ることができるので、なぜあなたは、人々がポイントだことを理解したいと思います!" (why would you want people to understand you that's the point so we can say whatever we want and get away with it!) "You can speak English!" "そう?" (So?) "Sometimes i wanna have regular con-conver-con-ver-sat-ions Damz yes what we say is funny but as you said no one knows what were saying!"
Damara was fuming Rufioh was slowly slipping his fingers in yours " 一体何する、それはあなたの間に2つある?あなたには、2つのメイトスピリッツです!?" (What the hell is it between you two? are you two matesprits !?)You blushed brightly "W-well i wouldn't say-" "Yes." (Name) Looked at Rufioh her cheeks burning brighter "U-uh yes we are." She stated leaning on Rufioh a bit obviously very embarrassed  Damara was super close to snapping and close to tears as well
"さて私はあなた2あなたがようにすることができているクソ一番幸せ嫌な人間であると思いますもはや必要とされるように見えるいけない!" (Well i don't seem to be needed anymore i hope you two are the fucking happiest disgusting beings you are as can be!)
"Wait Damara!"
It was too late Damara had already began running as fast as she could burgrundy tears slipping down her cheeks, she had lost her moirail and flush crush to an asshole who was probably gonna cheat on her.
Damara now wandered the bubbles alone once again getting angrier and angrier that you weren't by her side she sometimes even found herself yelling at a brainghost of you her mind projected at times.
One day Damara held her needled slowly twirling them in her hands out of boredom as she entered another bubble.
She was wandering when she heard a familiar giggle "(名前)?" She followed your voice to see you sitting in the memory of a grassy field with Rufioh surrounded by some small lusii. You nuzzled a tinkerbull and babbled to Rufioh about its cuteness he smiled ruffling your hair Damara gritted her teeth her anger becoming unbearable "(名前)....." You did not seem to hear her.
Damara kept hidden and continued watching you two, you were so affectionate and she looked at Rufioh's dead eyes they were full of live so he probably didn't plan on leaving you anytime soon.
She remembered when he used to look at her like that.
You looked the same which made her tip over the edge as you two began to kiss she saw red.
She stabbed Rufioh in the back during your embrace, he screamed out as you gasped "Damara!" She continued her attack "Damara stop!Please stop! Damz please please please im begging you stop!!!!" You begged trying to pull her off Rufioh as she stabbed him repeatedly "DAMARA!" You threw Damara off your now once again dead matesprit, you did not know what happens after double death but you were sad and very angry "W-why...why would you do this? What did Rufioh ever do?"
Damara had never told you what happened with her and Rufioh so to you he had seemed innocent. She watched you sob over his body, it only made her angrier that you were so upset over him.
She still doesn't remember what exactly happened, but now her you were  bleeding out your dead eyes fading, Damara felt huge regret as she rocked you back and forth muttering apologies "ダマラ人." (Damara) "She paused hearing you speak japanese, she hadnt hear you in so long she missed your voice so much "ダマラ人~" She continued crying and rocking you "私はあなたがこれをしたなんて信じられない." (I can't believe you did this) "大変申し訳ございませんが、私はまあまあだ......" (im so so so sorry......")
"たとえそうであっても、私はあなたを許す." (Even so i forgive you.") "ダマラ人. あわや....あなたの名前は、まだ言っても私の好きな​​言葉です." (Damara. Heh....your name is still my favorite word to say)
You put your hand on the back of Damara's head lightly patting it "You were such a good moirail....even now i'll mi.........."
She felt terrified "YOU MISS WHAT." Damara shook you frantically "(NAME) MISS WHAT WHAT YOU MISS TELL ME WHAT YOU  MISS!" She cried hugging your limp corpse
Now she had really lost you
not to Rufioh
she took you away herself.

The End~
this is my first time writing for damara and i did as good as i could with google translate so if the translation is wrong i am truly sorry

Damara homestuck etc. : :iconhussieplz:

you: :iconpervyrufiohplz: or :iconpervydamaraplz: or yourself whichever suits your fancy

story: :stridersgonnastride4: Who else would have such terrible dialogue -w-

:iconsupertighthugplz: Thank you all for reading and please comment before you favorite i love you all and again thanks for supporting my literature
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CjIsTheBombie Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I thought it was going to be cute but I just ended up crying
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stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014   Writer
Yeah this one is old and my writing skills are still improving and I had to use google translate because I'm not bilingual so I apologize
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