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February 15, 2013


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Ok my friend turtle likes gamzee so im making this to make her happy, for you readers as well enjoy!

Gamzee's POV
You were sittin in first period. You think this is muthafuckin math, you cant really remember at this point but tav was poking you with a pencil. "What is it tavbro?" He smiled makin you smile too "my friend, she moved and now she's going to school here!" You smile wider "well thats mutha fuckin awesome tav, who be this friend of yours?" He beams a little "well she's really nice, she even gets vriska to back off of me  and lifts my self esteem a bit and teaches me insults  so id do better next time, she really likes music and her name i-" he was interrupted by the teacher "class, meet our new student (name) you may come in." The door opened and your jaw dropped, the most beautiful mutherfucking girl walked in. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a ribcage  and a broken heart inside, purple shorts, leggings with leg bones and purple converse. She sorta had an outfit similar to your brother kurloz, "(name) ? Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself." She sighs "well, im into music....anime.....books ............yeah that's about it not going into detail." "Well why don't you go sit by miss harley jade raise you-." She was interrupted by the now hugging girls "jade!" "(Name)!" The teacher was surprised "you know miss harley?" She giggled "since third grade, i actually know a lot of people here um...karkat, sollux, feferi, ampora, dave, nepeta, john,equis and sweet little tavros." She then turned to you and chuckled "um...your kurloz's brother right um...." "Gamzee." She smiles "well nice to meet you gamzee." The first bell rang and they took there seats "well miss (l/n) its nice to know your not a stranger here, ok class lets begin today's lesson." You turn to look at (name) she has a wide smile on her face as she takes notes, her smile was one of the finest miracles you'd ever witnessed. "Mr. Makara is ms. (L/n) face so interesting you cant learn about plate tectonics?" Oh this wasn't math, you look to see (name) now blushing bright red as everyone laughed. You decide to try your best not to stare at her, you didn't care what people thought of you but lil 'ol (name) seemed to be about to die of humility over there.
Timeskip to after class~
"Tavroooooss!" (Name) glomped tav, he blushed a bit as she jumped off "im so glad my mom let me transfer here. Its not really a new school when you known half your grade since you were 7 but its still awesome." She smiles and then that strider kid and his sister come up and wisk (name) away on some little adventure or something. You apparently had been staring a while, tav was snapping his fingers in your face "yo, gamzee are you uh,,,,,, alright?," You push his hand from your face "uh yeah im fine tav." He smiles "you got in trouble for staring at (name), and now your spacing out about her someone uh,,,,, has a little crush don't they?" You blush under your facepaint "shut the hell up tavbro...."

(Name)'s POV
"Jade, where's art class?" She smiles and points down the hall "ill see you later (name) she giggles and skips off. You sigh and smirk and head to your class, you got advanced art so there was seniors, sophmores, freshman all kinds of kids in there. Thank god you were a sophmore, being freshmen meant 'im gonna spill ink all over your fucking project so you fucking fail ha'. You walk in to see kurloz and rufioh saving you a seat you smile and head over. "Hey rufi, kurloz." You smile as kurloz signs 'nice outfit' you laugh at the similarities of your clothes "right back at ya." You snicker as gamzee sits next to his kurloz. 'Oh gamzee, have you met (name)?' He takes a minute to understand the signs, "oh yeah bro, she all up in my first period." You smile "well we meet again." He sorta looks a bit dazed and well floaty "well sis i guess we have to muther fucking classes together aint that nice."  You smile and flip all your hair onto your back "yeah it is." The class then began "ok class to test out your skills pick anything in the room and draw it your style." She smiles you can already tell your gonna like this teacher she has paint stains all over and messy hair, your favorite type of art teacher. You decide to draw a vase on display you begin your outline and observe the vases curvuture carefully. You begin to add details when the teacher begins to walk by observing when she stops at gamzee you look up as she takes his sketch book "everyone take a moment to observe this, its something i don't see done everyday." You look at the picture and begin to blush like your face was on fire. The picture was of you, it was very good in fact you were looking down at your sketch book your hair cascading down the side of your face all your facial features defined perfectly. You look to gamzee who is now under the hood of his hoodie staring at the table. You reach your hand out and flip it off he still stares at the table "its beautiful gamzee." You smile as you see him raise his head "t-thanks sis." The teacher hands gamzee back his sketch book, you decide to finish your vase and then you all compare pictures. Kurloz drew a chair, and rufioh drew a marble apple you giggle as you see horus had drawn a horse and was now having to explain where he saw it. The teacher gave you four hundreds and let you chat among yourselves some how it led to music. "So (name) what type of bands do you mostly listen to?" Rufioh questioned "well, (insert three favorite bands)." He then snickers "what about icp?" You almost crush the table with your fist as you grab rufioh by the collar "DON'T SPEAK OF THOSE SHITTY EXCUSES FOR RAPPERS IN FRONT OF ME UNLESS YOU WANT SOME STITCHES RUFIOH NITRAM." "Imsorryimsorryimsorryidontwannadie(name)pleaseimsosorreh!" You release him "im sorry but you know good and well i hate those dumbass mutherfuckers thinking there making music." You then giggle as you see kurloz trying to hold in his laughter over the scared boy praising you for sparing his life. The bell finally rings and you head to your next class.
Timeskip thanks to me being an awesome muther fucker~
You walk to your locker ready to just blast the ready set on the way home. When you get there there's a piece of paper taped to your locker, you open it. Its gamzee's picture of you but there's writing on the back "hey (name), you seem mutherfucking interesting you know? Were gonna be really good friends i cant tell. So here's this fuckin miracle on paper for you -GM : O ) HONK." You giggle and say to yourself "thanks gamz." You grab your bag and head home.

Gamzee's POV
You watch as (name) closes her locker. "Kurloz she mutherfucking liked it!" You smile wide as your brother stretches his stitches in an attempt to smile he pats your head as if to say 'good job' you smile even wider this girl was gonna be your own little muther fucking miracle.
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Nyan-ZU Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Kurloz drew a Chair...?
MakaraChan Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
PlEaSe WrItE mOrE. >:o)
Nessa-The-Outcast Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
that awkward moment, when icp was one of your favorite bands
CuddleMuffinZ Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there a part two to this?
stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013   Writer
theres like 4 or five parts if i remember correctly
wrote this story loong while ago
lol i can barely remember what its about
Thegirlthatdidnothin Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
Omg please write sime more it just to perfect :D
FoRgOtTeNfOrSaKeN Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student General Artist
i luvd it <3
Stardust-Teh-Poneh Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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