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February 16, 2013


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(Name)'s POV
Right now tav was letting you ride in his lap to history while gamzee walked beside you two. You'd been here at least a month and a half, gamzee and tav were your best bros. You guys became really good friends after your first day, jade called you the three muskuteers which made you giggle. "Tav you are the best form of transportation!" You laugh "well (name) i guess i am." He smiles brightly and you pinch his cheeks "your so cute tavy.~♥" he blushes slightly making you giggle even more, you finally arrive to history class. You hop out of tavs lap and head in and plop down at your table next to john "sup egderp." He smiles derpily as usual "hey (name) did you do your homework?" You smile "you know for once john i did i was fuckin responsible." " i am so proud fist bump girl." You smirk as you fist bump and class begins. Once all that bull shit was over you met up with fef at her locker and headed to theater arts. You both acted out a scene from le's misrebales it was very dramatic and sad you didn't have to fake cry.
Timeskip~ after school
You were sitting with jane and aradia going over notes and such when someone pulled you over their shoulders "jansis arasis im gonna borrow this." They giggled " hey, don't just sit there and giggle help meh." The just giggled even harder "unhand me peasant!' "Ha! Sorry sis but we got places to go oh and your gonna need this." Gamzee hands you a can of face paint "why do i need this?" You were walking down the street now " im taking you to meet my dad i just think it would be best if you wore that." He lets you down "*sigh* fine but give me a few minutes to put it on." He nods and you sit on the curb pulling out your mirror  and begin to paint your face "gamz why would your dad care if i wear this?" He sighs "(name), i sorta told my dad we have the same beliefs." "Gamzee why?" "I was sorta afraid, i wanted you to see my house without having to mutherfuckin sneak you in like i do with every other muther fucker thats been to my house. I wanted you to just be able to walk in and my dad wouldnt treat you like shit." You finish the make up it looks a bit similar to gamzee's but yours is a bit thinner and scratchy. He smiles and takes your hand "im muther fucking sorry." You smile "its ok your one of my best bros so ill let it slide." You two then begin walking again and soon end up at this bigass house. "Holy shit." "Heh, yeah its nice aint it?" He then leads you inside, your greeted by kurloz 'hey (name) nice paint' you giggle "thanks 'loz." You then hear a big booming voice "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT FEMALE IN THE FOYER?" Gamzee grips your hand and kurloz follows behind you. You see this fairly large man he looks like gamzee just much older and his face paint is much different. Gamzee sorta coughs and begins to speak "dad, this is my friend (name)." He sorta pushes you a bit closer to his dad you meekly wave "uh...hi." he just glares at you "THE FUCK IS THIS THAT GIRL YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT THE OTHER DAY?" You cringe a little and you thought karkat was loud, gamzee nods "WELL IF YOUR TELLING THE TRUTH GIRL WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN?" You think really hard about what gamzee says almost everyday and it finally clicks "the muther fuckin mirthful messiahs." He stares for a very long time until he finally speaks "WELL, GAMZEE FOR ONCE ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS IS OK TO COME THROUGH THE MUTHER FUCKING DOOR." You smile "thank you mr. Makara." He just grimaces "so yeah dad im gonna go show (name) my room." Gamzee then leads you out of the living room as fast as possible and up a flight of stairs. He stops in front of a dark purple door "well sis you did pretty muther fucking good, lets just hope he doesn't find out you were lying that would a really bad situation." He opens the door its dark, you step in and a large HONK went through the room you almost pissed yourself. Gamzee flicked on the light and you saw you only stepped on one of many horns in his room. There was juggling clubs, faygo, horns littered all over the room you walk over to his bed and sit and notice a over sized unicycle in the corner "heh nice room gamz." You laugh as he sits next to you "its nice that you can be here and i don't have to hide you like i do when tav comes over." You just giggle even more "yeah i don't like to be hidden, and gamz i knew you were a clown but your room is ridiculous." He just a smiles and puts his hands behind his head leaning against the wall. You lay down and shove your face into one of his pillows, you take in the scent its actually really nice, your soon dozing off to the sweet scent of your juggalo friend.

Gamzee's POV
(Name) had fallen asleep, and didn't she just look all up and adorable curled up like that. You just sorta watch her for a while, you then pet her hair a little and see her earring its all swirly and long so you space out thinking about curly long things. Once your done with that you feels tired so you decide to take a nap but (name) was sleeping and you didnt wanna move her just so you could sleep when a girl needs sleep you just gotta let that shit happen. So then you decide to just lay down with her, you snake your arms around her waist and shove your face in her hair. You've been wondering what her hair smells like it smells like peaches or some shit it was wicked and you were soon dozing off. You woke up three hours later kurloz shaking you and (name) getting up. 'Gamzee its 8:30 (name) needs to go home its dark out so go walk her' (name) was on the phone as someone yelled on the other side "im sorry mom i fell asleep please just calm down im coming home now." She hangs up and kurloz hands her a rag to wipe off her face paint, it was ok dad leaves for work at 6:00 and don't come back till 3:00 in the morning so he wouldn't see her. Once (name)'s all cleaned up she grabs her bag and you get up to walk her home. "Man my mom is pissed she thought i was dead or something." "Well, she'll calm down man why cant all you old muther fuckers learn to loosen up a bit?" She giggles "well gamz my mom having my friends telling her i went off with a guy and then me telling her i fell asleep she's gonna be a bit pissy. You pat her head and continue walking you arrive at a common sized two story home and a woman in a police uniform comes rushing over and grabs (name)'s arm "don't ever stay out that late without telling me i was worried sick im gonna be late for my night sh-." She then looks at you "who's this?" "Um mom this is one of my best friends gamzee. " " No, no  he's not, your not hanging out with this freak!" She gasps "mom! Gamzee is not a freak!" She then grabs you by the collar "you stay away from my daughter you clown cult freak.""MOM! LEAVE GAMZEE ALONE!" "(NAME) GET IN THE HOUSE I DON'T WANT YOU HANGING OUT WITH THIS CULTIST ANYMORE GOT THAT!" "But i-!" "NO BUTS HOUSE NOW!" (Name) has tears slip down her cheeks "(name)..." "its not your fault  gamz im sorry." She runs into the house and her mom finally releases you "stay away from her don't talk to her don't look at her don't even think about her got that juggalo?" You sigh and just walk off, man well at least she couldn't keep you away at school you'd pester (name) later.  You just wish you didn't have people judge and ridicule you every where you went, you loved (name) but now if you ever became her boyfriend her mom would probably lock her in her room and homeschool her. Adults like her just don't understand, your not in a cult you just have some different beliefs and for that should you be judged and isolated from the girl you love? No, that's just stupid she was your mutherfucking miracle and you would get the world to understand you and know that.

Ok chapter three might be out tomorrow or monday so yeah. :3
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savingCapricious Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My mom actually wouldn't care xD she already knows half my friends are weird as fuck, just like me ;3
JellyBellyHound Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PorrimMaryam3764 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Stupid mom always getting in the way of my romances n'shit. *sighs* I DON'T APPRECIATE IT MA! Leave my gamzee alone. *takes gamzee away from crab mother *
FourthImperialPrince Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL. In a sorta situation like that, I would've just been like "SCREW YOU MOM" and run away and go have sloppy make-outs with Gamzee. And I wouldn't giggle so much throughout the whole story.
But anyways, I love your story. I like the part "He smiles derpily as usual" x'DD
stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013   Writer
Well we all know somebody whos always giggling a lot (turtle) and thx juliia
ZEEPOTATO Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
STUPID MOM. Other than that nice story!
stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013   Writer
Thanks X3
Alois-Tranny Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Continue please Karkat?! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
ϵ( 'Θ' )϶
stridersgonnastride4 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013   Writer
It'll be out in a few minutes gog you dont rush meh this is hard enough to write turtle and yous knows that ::3
Viczen101 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
MOM, YOU ARE A MOTHER-GLUBBING BITCH! I HATE YOU! *runs into room and slams the door*
absolutely amazing
Have more feels! *hands you a box*
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