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February 18, 2013


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(Name)'s POV
Your mom came and picked you up immediately after school. "How was your day hun?" You stay silent , she rubs your arm and you pull away "well ms. Grumpy pants i've got some news." More silence "your moving in with your aunt judy." "WHAT." "Don't yell, and yes your moving in with her." "Mom, she lives in oregon twelve hours from here (if you live there pick somewhere else)." "Exactly, that juggalo cant travel twelve e hours everyday." You begin to cry "sweetie,come on im just doing whats best for you." "NO, YOUR NOT AND WHATS WITH ALL THE SWEET TALK? I THOUGHT LAST NIGHT I WAS A NO GOOD SLUT!" She sighs "i was very angry when i said that i didn't mean it." "Why cant you just except i love gamzee and he loves me why cant i just be happy!?" "Because, you think your happy with him now but in a few years he'll be the biggest regret you have." You arrive home and there's a moving truck in front "i already packed most of your things so you just finish amd you can be out of here in the morning ok?" "I hate you." "I love you too sweetie." She drops you off saying she had errands to run when your phone rang "hello?" You said harshly "woah, everything alright?" Gamzee, for all the times he called you it would have to be when you were about to break out into tears "um..gamz." your voice now cracking "my moms making me move in with my oregon." "That's mutherfucking 12 hours away!" You begin wailing "i know!" He hangs up you just curl up in your driveway and cry. Twenty minutes later you feel someone pick you up and hold you close you feel something wet hitting your forehead you look up to see gamzee crying his makeup running "sis you cant all up and move to oregon, you gotta stay." You cry into his chest "i want to stay, but my moms already packing my stuff, so i cant live here where would i go?" You hear a sniffle "why don't you come with me? We can run away somewhere just be together!" You look up "but gamzee how would we live? We haven't finished school yet we cant get jobs." He frowned and then a thought popped in his head "sis, you go to mutherfuckin oregon." "What?" He's smiling now "you go to oregon, finish school when you do ill come up and get you." You smile "Gamzee makara i love you." "I all up and mutherfucking love you too (name)."
2 years pass, your graduating in a few hours your moms coming and so is your precious boyfriend gamzee. You had missed him so much! Two years was really hard but you guys skyped and called each other so it was bearable . You put on your dress and makeup with your cousin she was a year younger so she wasn't gonna graduate but she wanted to meet gamzee, you told her about him all the time and she loved how romantic it was that you two waited for each other. Once you were ready your mom and aunt came in smiling and snapping millions of photos "ok ok guys lets go the cermony gonna start soon."  You all head for the car, your mother tries to sit next to you but hell no you put your aunt between you as your uncle drives. Once you arrive you hug some of your friends, old and new dave , dirk,rose,jake,john , jane and jade came up to see you graduate since they had graduated a day earlier then you. You squealed with joy, you were educated eighteen now and were heading to college in a month or two if on accepted you, you put on your graduation gown, and get in line with your class they call your name and you take your diploma its a wonderful feeling as you walk off stage someone pulls you behind into the bushes "long time no see (name)." You turn to see gamzee but one thing is weird he doesn't have any face paint but who cares "Gamzee!" You squeal with joy and hug and kiss him all over "i missed you so ,much!" "I missed you too sis."  Your cousin comes from the bushes "so this is the famous gamzee makara?" She smiles "yes it is gam gam this is my cousin juniper." "You can call me juny." He laughs "well its nice to mutherfuckin meet you juny." She gawks "you weren't lying about his language." Then your aunt and mother walk around the bushes "(name) juny? Why are yo- YOU." Your mother looks angrier then she did two years ago when she saw the face paint on your lips you grip gamzee's hand "(name), i thought you were over him." "No,i love him too much so you can suck it." You then proceed in flipping her off surprising your mother and aunt your cousin joins in "yeah aunt (moms name) why cant you just leave them be? And besides (name)'s 18 you don't really own her anymore." You came to that realization "yeah i am! You cant stop me from dating gamzee now!" You giggle and kiss your boyfriends cheek and he blushes. Your mother gets all flustered "fine you wanna be with that freak? Well then don't complain to me when your living in a hell of your own creation!" You stare at her in disbelief "mom, i would never complain to you because you never take the time to understand." "(Name), i don't want to deal with you right now everything was going nicely until just now im going home." She leaves in a huff your aunt puts a hand on your shoulder "(name), i know you love this boy with all your heart your moms always been stubborn but shell come around i support you two gamzee here seems like a very nice young man and hell treat you right wont he?" She smiles at him "i'll treat her like a queen." You and your aunt chuckle "aint that how every (l/n) woman wants to feel?" Your aunt breaths "why don't we get somethin to eat your boy can come along if he wants." Gamzee smiles "i'd mutherfuckin love too." "Heh looks like we got a mouth on this one don't we (name)?" You giggle "yeah, but i love him anyway." She hold onto gamzee's arm and he kisses your head.

Gamzee's POV
(Name)? I got a question?" She smiles the beautiful smile "yeah gamz?" "I was wondering i don't have a real ring yet but i have this one." You pull off the royal purple ring your dad gave you with the little capricorn sign in it. "So, i know its not much but if you would give me the mutherfuckin honor would you marry me?" She launches herself at you and gives your face a kiss attack "yes yes yes YES!" You slip that ring on her finger and spin her around she just made you the happiest man alive! You pull her into a kiss filled with love and passion, once you separate she smiling wider then you ever thought possible "i love you gamzee, i want the whole world to know!" She kissed your forehead "your my mutherfucking miracle you know that (name)?" She smiles "and your mine."
Extended endin
Your mom came to the wedding, she tried to convince you not to marry gamzee but finally just gave in seeing you weren't changing your mind and just sat in the row with a smile plastered on her face. Yes gamzee's father was a bit angry you lied a few years back but got over it he thought you were probably best for gamzee. Kurloz being the best man and all was very proud to see gamzee got the courage to ask you to marry him so he decided to do the same and was gonna marry meulin in a year or so from now. You couldn't be happier as you said your vows you even cried. As you two kissed it felt like the world was just frozen, it was absolutley perfect! Wow this is amazing, your name is (Name) Makara and your proud of it.
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'bout time mother dearest saw it my way. doesn't stop me from wanting to kill her, but now it is in a less brutal fashion.
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