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Submitted on
January 21, 2013


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Your name is John,John egbert and right now you just finished unpacking you had moved so you could attend your new high school lucky for you all your friends go their so you wouldn't really miss your old school much. You were really excited, first day of high school it seems like only yesterday you were having your face shoved in a toilet in your dreaded middle school bathroom. But this year you wouldn't deal with that bull shit with your friends by your side. Dave lived down the street so he was there if you needed him since you moved her you got to hang with your friends more often they've been telling you of their friend they want you to meet your surprised you haven't met them yet you wondered what they would be like hmmm... you'd find out tomorrow until then why not enjoy your last day of summer with a movie marathon.

(Name)'s POV
Your name is (f/n) (l/n) and right now your trying to figure out what you should wear tomorrow as apparently as you got older started to give a shit about how you looked ,also so Kanaya wouldn't flip her shit and drag you to the bathroom to fix you. Your computer began to beep, someone was pestering you saw it was one of your best friends Dirk. You open into your pesterchum to respond
timaeusTestified [TT] started pestering chumHandle [CH]  
TT: Sup (name)?
CH: Just trying to decide what to wear for tomorrow
TT: your nervous arent you?
CH: Mr.strider you never informed me you could read minds.
TT: nobodys gonna bully you this year ok if anyone so much as throws a pencil at you their asses are kicked yesterday

The memories of middle school flooded back your choice of clothing that year was mostly dark colors, band and anime shirts, nothing wrong there it's just you had always been the odd one out, so no matter how hard you tried to look and be normal you were a freak. They pelted you with anything they could as you walked down the halls most of your friends classes were in another building you were only safe at lunch and seventh period people only left you alone then because you walked with Dirk and Jake to lunch and seventh with Vriska . They had saved your ass too many times to count you had wonderful friends you thought as you continued to type
CH: Thanks dirk you'll always be my best bro ill pester you later :)
TT:k see ya
timaesTestified [TT] ceased pestering chumHandle [CH] 
You went to your closet and looked inside you usually would just pick a t-shirt and pants but you decided to take a new approach this year you picked a black dress that went to your knees it was really nice it had a bunch of little shiny blue skulls cascading down it, you smiled as you picked up some blue leggings Vriska had given you and picked up your black converse you set them all out ready for tomorrow. You wondered what to do with your (h/c) locks you decided to just leave them down. You began to think back to all your summer memories you had made these past few months like when you and Jade went to the board walk and danced with street performers , or when you and Jake went on that amazing adventure in the woods and found that beautiful waterfall and when you Dave and Dirk threw down  sick beats down on some fools. It had been great and your friends were going to introduce you to a new friend you wondered who they would be you'll find out tomorrow until then why not listen to some (fave band)? A perfect way to spend your last summer day.
John's POV
You had to hurry you woke up late you only had twenty minutes you threw on a blue shirt with a little wind symbol on it shoved yourself into some loose jeans and tripped over your backpack you grabbed your yellow vans a piece of toast and yelled goodbye to your father. Once you made it to the bus you saw your friends dave,jade,rose and even karkat and his friend sollux! As you began to chat with dave you looked of for a moment to see a girl running her (h/c) hair floating in the wind you in awe you didn't know how to describe her she just seemed do you put it? Majestic? Yeah majestic as she ran you just couldn't look away from her its like your eyes were just glued to her bit then you were pulled back to earth when dave yell in your ear "Yo earth to john egderp!" You covered your ear "what the hell dave!?" You screeched dave just smirked you went back to look at the girl for a second she was now hugging sollux, once she was set down she began to speak to karkat unphased by his fowl language and insults she just giggled adorably wait a minute did you just say adorably no not possible you don't even know her stop looking at her stop now. You thought to yourself but once again you couldn't you lock eyes for a moment her eyes were (e/c) they shimmered beautifully she smiled a sweet quick smile, your heart felt like it was going to explode and stain roses nice white blouse oh yeah rose your talking to rose. You put yourself back into the conversation you want to stop though drop everything and just go up and chat it up with that little piece of heaven over their but before you could move the bus arrived . You brushed by her on  the bus she smelled sweet milky like vanilla. Wow first day and you already have a crush.

(Name)'s POV
You got up ten minutes before your alarm you felt a little bit proud of yourself. You put on what you picked out yesterday and brushed your hair until your phone beeped you had a text from jade
(Name)! Were going to high school today I'm so excited! 
You: I know jade I'm excited too I can't wait to see you :)
And today you'll get to meet John you'll love him!
You:I'm sure I will Jade : )
well I'm gonna go get ready!! 
You:kay see ya jade : D
Once you put your phone in your bag and grabbed a poptart and said bye to your mother you headed out to the bus
You lived ten minutes from the bus stop and you had a good thirty minutes till the bus would get their so you could take your sweet time you pulled out your ipod and put on some good music and enjoyed the morning view. 
As you finally approached the bus stop you still had ten minutes before the bus would pull up. Then you saw the one and only Sollux captor he was your best troll friend and next to him was Karkat vantas  you started to sprint gained some speed and jumped onto Sollux rapping your legs around his waist. He wobbled but regained his balance once he realized what had happened and hugged you before setting you down. Once you were down Karkat greeted you "what's up chairfucker?" And to this you responded wittily "Oh nothing but the sky cupkat" you smirked as you sideways high fived Sollux. 
Soon you were just chatting then you looked over realizing your other friends presence. There was Dave with his shades and usual cool face on, Jade with her sweet bubbly giggles and out bursts, Rose with her sarcastic naturally flat voice their usual ways but then you noticed someone new.
 He had messy black hair a thick rimmed glasses buck teeth that fit him and a derpy smile he had deep blue eyes as well you just stared they were very pretty. You went back to talking to Sollux for a minute but then noticed the new boy was staring at you. You both locked eyes, you had the slightest of blushes on your face you found yourself giving him a friendly smile, he blushed a little you thought and just looked away at Jade. You thought for a moment maybe that was the friend Jade texted you about this morning his name was ...oh yeah John! That was it John. You caught him staring at you again he looked like he was gonna come over here when the bus pulled up. He brushed by you on the bus he sorta smelled like cake and something else you couldn't quite put your finger on it was nice.  You might just have a crush.~

Third person POV
John and sat behind the  girl that he had stared at for ten minutes and was now proceeding to sniff her that's fucking creepy John. Other people and trolls gathered onto the bus at the next stop, Eridan ampora, a sweet fish girl named Feferi ,and 2 boys Dirk strider and Jake english,2 other girls Roxy lalonde and Jane crocker ,then 2 more trolls entered the bus Gamzee makara and Tavros nitram then the bus was full. Soon the girl John was practically about to fall on top of was sat next to by the Dirk strider kid and was now chatting with her so John now slid down in his seat and begins talking to Dave.

John's POV

After you slide back down to talk with Dave you start to think how lucky that boy with the pointy shades is he gets to just talk, sit ,and touch you casually and you just sit their and giggle and chatter you two were talking about some anime you had watched together last night .
 John now knew a few things he had gathered from listening to you and the boy he now knew as Dirk as you had exclaimed his name  while dave was talking to some girl with red glasses.  1.You liked the color blue liked anime loved music and bands  had more of a tomboyish vibe about you since you could talk about guy stuff like you were one but could be a little cute and girlish at times . The bus came to a stop you looked at the school someone you assumed was your principal was outside greeting everyone as they walked through the gate. You got up trying to exit until something tripped over your foot and fell over what was i- OH HELL NO

(Name)'s POV
You were now on the sidewalk your cheek throbbing in pain Dirk stopped and was about to help you up when you were hoisted up by someone babbling a bunch of apologies luckily you didn't rip your leggings you turned around to say it was fine when you turned around to see a blushing flustered blue eyed boy you had seen staring at you so you said "John is it?" He stopped and quickly nodded "I thought so I'm (Name) I'm the friend that Jade wanted you to meet." He just looked at you he put out his hand and you shook it he began to speak clearly now " I'm sorry are you ok?" You just sorta giggled he was adorable.
He looked all concerned "Yeah its fine I'm fine." Then Jade came out squealing seeing you two had met each other and she was now hugging both of you saying how she just knew you would like each other . Once you were all done hugging welcoming each other back you all went your seperate ways to first period behind you was Dirk, and Jade you always had these three in your first period but then you noticed as you sat down a little derp sitting next to you well this was ironic Dirk sat behind you,  in front, and Jade was behind John the bell rang and class began~

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